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As part of a joint scientific collaboration, the Quebec respiratory health network (QRHN) , the Journées de Recherche Respiratoire (J2R) and the Belgium Respiratory Society présente les “Joint scientific activities QRHN-J2R-BeRS“.

In the form of virtual seminars around a chosen theme, each seminar includes presentations with speakers from 3 countries, Quebec, France and Belgium. The presentations focus on unpublished results, which are not yet published, but promote scientific exchanges between all participants.

Each presentation (duration ~ 20 min) will be followed by a round table (duration ~ 10 min). The presentations are open to researchers and their students (MSc, PhD, Postdoct, residents).

Agenda 2022 of joint QRHN-J2R-BeRS seminars

25 février8h30 (Québec)
14h30 (France/Belgique)
Prolifération et hypertension pulmonairehyper-pulmDétails et statistiques de participation
3 juin8h30 (Québec)
14h30 (France/Belgique)
Big data en recherche sur la santé respiratoire act-etudDétails et statistiques de participation
23 septembre8h00 (Québec)
14h00 (France/Belgique)
Fibrose pulmonairefib-pulmDetails and registration

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