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Management committee

The Management committee is the decision-making body of the Network. It is composed of 7 members of the Network, namely:

  • the Director of the Network,
  • the assistant Director of the Network,
  • the administrative coordinator of the Network,
  • two members of the Network without conflicts of interest in the Network,
  • a member of another FRQS network,
  • a research expert, who could be a director of a research center.

The role of the management committee is:

  • to develop the strategic plans of the Network according to the recommendations of the General assembly,
  • to evaluate, create or delete a research axis, an infrastructure or a common service,
  • review the activities of the Network to ensure the achievement of the objectives and plans selected,
  • develop and distribute the Network budget based on strategic plans,
  • to determine the date and place of the general meeting.
  • Research axis and infrastructure managers are appointed by the Management committee on the proposal of the Scientific committee.

For more details on the Management committee, see the Network charter.

The members of the Management committee

Dr Philippe Jouvet
Director of the QRHN
Dr Jamila Shakir
Assistant director
Dr André Dagenais
Administrative coordinator of the QRHN

Dr Jean Bourbeau
Dr Julie Carrier
Dr David Marsolais
Dr Jacques Thibodeau