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Students play a key role in the scientific vitality of the Network. Over the years, several programs have been dedicated to them and we are pleased to announce the formation of a student committee within the QRHN. The committee's mandate is to reach out to all student members of the Network and give them a voice and increased visibility in order to energize their life and research experience within the Network. The committee will coordinate the involvement of students in the Network's activities and organize activities adapted to students' needs.

Student Committee Coordinator
Samuel Mailhot-Larouche

The Student Committee Coordinator oversees all activities of the QRHN Student Committee. He is a member of the QRHN's scientific committee.

Social Networks Coordinator
Julia Chronopoulos

The social media coordinator is responsible for communications for the QRHN and the Student Committee on the various social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter).

If you wish to publish information on the QRHN's social media (scientific capsule, special achievement, scientific or presentation award), please contact Julia by email.

Scientific Affairs Representative
Mehdi El Hassani

The Scientific Affairs Representative organizes formative activities on the scientific and academic level (training workshops, webinars, etc.).

Members sitting on the committee

Basma Elsedawi
Fatemeh Khadangi
Steven Bonneau
Yann Grobs

If you are a QRHN’s student member and want to get involved in the student committee, please write to the following address :