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Dr. David Marsolais completed a PhD atUniversité Laval investigating the link between inflammation and connective tissue remodeling. He then completed a postdoctoral fellowship with Dr. Hugh Rosen’s team at the Scripps Research Institute in California, where he contributed to the development of pharmacological modulators of the S1P1 receptor. Dr. Marsolais also investigated the impact of drugs targeting sphingolipids on the immunopathlogic response induced by the influenza virus.

Motivated by his expertise in tissue remodeling, immunology and lung biology, Dr. Marolais established his laboratory at theQuebec Heart and Lung Institute in Quebec. With his team, he assesses the role of sphingolipids and the impact of their pharmacological modulators in cascading events linking immune system deregulation and structural changes in the lung.

More and more attention is given to pharmacological therapies that modulate sphingolipids, closely or indirectly. The mechanisms of action of these compounds are partially understood and may even depend on the context. Dr. Marsolais hopes that his work will help to better appreciate the role of sphingolipids and their targets in the context of lung disease. In the future, he hopes to discover new avenues for the development of pharmacological strategies.