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Become a RHN member

Le Réseau en Santé Respiratoire du Québec comprend 4 catégories de members:

  • regular member (eg researcher, pulmologist)
  • associate member (eg research professional, research assistant)
  • student member (master's student, doctoral or post-doc, in the field of respiratory health and supervised by a regular member of the Network)
  • honorary member (former members to whom the Network pays tribute)

New member

To become a member of the RHN, you must first meet the requirements set out in the RHN charter. Consult the RHN charter.

You must also provide the following information:

  • Your name and email address
  • Indicate to which research axis you want to be associated with
  • Indicate your research interests in a letter of intent
  • Join your CV

Registration is free but will be reviewed by the administrative coordinator of the RHN, and submitted to the Director(s) of the concerned research axis before taking effect.