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Environment / Genetics / Cancer

The interaction between genes and the environment plays a role in many diseases of the respiratory system. The Environment / Genetics / Cancer includes researchers interested in the genetic foundations that explain the impact of certain pathologies and environmental factors that may affect the respiratory health of the Quebec population. This axis brings together molecular biologists, geneticists, researchers interested in respiratory diseases related to professional activities, and researchers who study bioaerosols in the environment and buildings (residence, workplace, hospital, farm). Lung cancer takes its place in this area because of the important role of the environment (smoking, pollution, workplace) in its etiology, familial transmission of certain susceptibility genes, as well as in the large number of mutations. involved in the processes leading to the development of cancerous tumors.

Management team

Dr Philippe Joubert MD
Université Laval
Axis director
Dre Carolyn Baglole PhD
McGill University
Axis co-director
Dre Caroline Duchaine PhD
Université Laval
Axis co-director
Dre Catherine Laprise PhD
Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
Axis co-director

All axis members