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After working for three years as a respiratory therapist, wanting to deepen his understanding of biological mechanisms involved in pulmonary diseases, Dr. Nicolas Flamand reoriented his career and completed a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry.

He then pursued his graduate studies on the regulation of leukotriene synthesis, biological lipids that have immune response modulation capacities that can also act as bronchoconstritor. During his post-doctoral fellowship, Dr. Flamand finds himself particularly interested in endocannabinoids, lipids present naturally in the body that interact closely with leukotrienes.

With his team at the Quebec Heart and Lung Institute in Quebec, Dr. Flamand investigates the interaction between leukotrienes and endocannabinoids. This is not an easy task, because contrary to THC, also found in cannabis, endocannabinoids are very unstable molecules. Currently, cannabis is mainly consumed by being inhaled rather than being eaten or vaped. It is therefore crucial to understand how cannabis use can affect:

  1. respiratory physiology;
  2. pulmonary inflammation;
  3. the endocannabinoid system in itself.

Dr. Flamand aims are to investigate how the regular use of cannabis, its derivatives and endocannabinoids can affect the pulmonary systems, especially in the long run.