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After training in pediatric intensive care in France, Dr. Philippe Jouvet obtained a PhD in Human Physiology of Nutrition and Metabolism and an MBA in hospital management. In 2004, Dr. Jouvet joined the intensive care unit of the Sainte-Justine hospital in Montreal as a clinical researcher and pediatric intensivist. Dr. Jouvet’s research focuses on the application of artificial intelligence in respiratory health.

Dr. Jouvet is currently working to set up real-time clinical decision support systems and disaster management. In intensive care units, the ability to cross-reference information in order to make the right decisions is limited, especially in situations of fatigue and stress, which is the day-to-day life of the medical personnel. To improve the quality of healthcare, Dr. Jouvet aims to develop artificial intelligence tools to support real-time medical decisions.

With funding from CHU Ste-Justine, IVADO, MSSS Québec, FRQS, CIHR, NSERC and the industry, Dr. Jouvet’s research aims to establish models that will allow the management of large databases and help integrate basic and clinical research data. These tools will assist in medical diagnosis, in predicting clinical aggravation and in making therapeutic decisions such as assisting in the prescription of respiratory support in intensive care. This approach requires a multidisciplinary approach including fundamental researchers, clinicians and engineers in many fields, research expertise within the Quebec Respiratory Health Network.