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Funding programs page

The RHN organizes several competitions annually to provide grants for various projects. The rules governing the different competitions differ from one to the other.


CompetitionRecipientInstructionsMaximum grantDeadline 
Competition for presentation at a scientific congressMSc students, PhD, postdocFR EN1 000$May 24th 2019Expired
Scholarship competition for a short research internship in another universityMSc students, PhDFR EN5 000$all yearApply
Scholarship Supplement ProgramMSc students, PhD, postdocFR EN5 000$ MSc
10 000$ PhD, Postdoc
June 25th 2019Expired
Mentorship programJunior researcher -1st university assignmentFR EN20 000$Oct. 15th 2019Expired
Priority and team projects competitionNetwork members from different universitiesFR EN30 000$Oct. 8th 2019Expired
Funding program for the participation of regular RHN members at the J2R Convention Regular members of the RHNFor authors2 000 $June 25th 2019Expired

Additional information

Winners for the competitions


Principal investigatorTitleUniversityAmount
Mathieu MorissetteIdentifying vaping ingredients that can cause acute lung illnessLaval30 000$
Philippe JouvetVentilation mécanique prolongée en soins intensifs pédiatriques: pour comprendre et mieux prendre en chargeMontréal30 000$
Roger C LévesqueBioPrintGenomics: Next Generation 3D Bioprinting of Human lung TissuesLaval30 000$
Carolyn BagloleEvaluate the Epigenetic Lung Effects of VapingMcGill30 000$

Team-projects (acceptance : 50%)

David MarsolaisProbing the S1P1-TLR4 interplay to short circuit the persistence of hypersensitivity pneumonitisLaval30 000$
Michael ReedNew targets for reversing antimicrobial resistance in M. tuberculosis – a discovery-based approachMcGill30 000$
Nathalie GrandvauxAnalyse de l’effet du traitement de l’air à l’ozone pour l’inactivation du virus respiratoire syncytialMontréal30 000$
Maria FernandesA Comprehensive Analysis of Low-Density Neutrophils in Cystic Fibrosis: A Functional Biomarker StudyLaval30 000$

Mentorship program (acceptance : 50%)

Olivier BoucheratEZH2: an epigenetic opportunity to counter
vascular remodeling in PAH
Laval25 000$
Tania Janaudis FerreiraT Improving ACCEPTance and uptake of Pulmonary Rehabilitation after acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease – The ACCEPT PR STUDYMcGill25 000$
Simon de MontignyApprentissage automatique à base de simulations cardio-respiratoiresMontréal25 000$
Andréanne CôtéEndotyping severe asthma the first step to give the right treatment to the right patientLaval25 000$

Mentorship program

Neda BarjestehMontréal20 000$
Etienne Fortin-PellerinSherbrooke20 000$
Jean-François Lauzon-JosetLaval20 000$


Elyse BissonnetteLaval30 000$
Patricia FontellaMcGill30 000$
Philippe JoubertLaval30 000$
David MarsolaisLaval30 000$
Sushmita PamidiMcGill30 000$
Benjamin SmithMcGill30 000$

Supplementary grant program

Wided AkikMcGill
Tara-Adele JanesLaval
Dacquin Muhandwa KasumbaMontréal
Sofien LaouafaLaval
Mégane LebelSherbrooke
Julien MaletMcGill
Frank NiroMcGill
Laura SognigbéMontréal
Hussein TraboulsiMcGill
Jonathan VyskocilLaval