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Funding programs page

The QRHN organizes several competitions annually to provide grants for various projects. The rules governing the different competitions differ from one to the other.

Programs for 2021-22

CompetitionRecipientInstructionsMaximum grantDeadline 
Scholarship for presentation at a scientific conferenceStudents MSc, PhD, postdoctFR
1000$May 28 2021Apply
Short research internship in another universityMSc students, PhDTo come
Supplementary grant programStudents MSc, PhD, postdoctFR
5000 $ MSc
10 000$ PhD, postdoc
June 4 2021Apply
Participation to J2RMemberTo come
Priority-projectsQRHN AxisTo come
Team-projectsMemberTo come
Career Start-Up and Mentorship Program for Young InvestigatorsMember
Early career investigator
To come
Use of QRHN platformsMemberFR
Épuisement des fondsÀ compter du 1er juin 2021

Additional information

Winners of the competitions