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Word from the director of the QRHN

The COVID-19 pandemic imposes on us short reaction times which research is not familiar with. Members of the Quebec Respiratory Health Research Network combine their efforts with the Infectious Diseases Network and multiple teams of researchers in Quebec, Canada and internationally to acquire scientific knowledge and develop the necessary innovations in the short, medium and long term for the management of subjects infected with COVID-19. This page aims to publicize the initiatives in which the RSRQ participates and to facilitate researchers' interactions with each other and with clinicians.

Phillipe Jouvet, MD
Director of the QRHN

Evolution of the pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic - Evolution of hospitalizations in Quebec


Research projects

Title of the projectObjectiveOrigin of fundingCoordinatorQRNH responsible personLink
Provincial BiobankCollecter des échantillons biologiques de sujets infectés par le COVID-19FRQS -MEIVincent MooserSimon RousseauQuebec respiratory health reserach network Biobank
SPRINT SARI COVID-19Collecter les données cliniques codées sur les sujets hospitalisés pour infection à COVID-19CIHRSrinivas Murthy
Rob Fowler
Philippe JouvetSPRINT SARI COVID-19
CATCOEssai clinique randomisé d’une thérapeutique antivirale chez les sujets hospitalisés pour infection à COVID-19CIHRSrinivas MurthyJulie AutmizguineCATCO.pdf
COVID 19 et aérosolisation virale en milieu cliniqueÉtude de la présence des particules virales dans l’environnement immédiat des sujets hospitalisés pour infection par COVID-19FRQSCaroline DuchaineCaroline DuchaineCOVID-19 et Aérosolisation virale hospitalière
PARE-PARTOUX / SplashGuard CGCréer un système de protection des soignants vis à vis des particules virales aérolisées par les sujets hospitalisés pour infection à COVID 19Institut TransMedTechPhilippe JouvetPARE-PARTOUX / SplashGuard CG
Understanding the pathogenesis of COVID-19 by defining its lipidomePI: Louis Flamand CO-PI : Nicolas Flamand, Éric Boilard, Marc PouliotNicolas Flamand