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Team-Cross sectoral competition 2022-23

Complétez le formulaire pour soumettre votre demande. Les champs marqués d’un

are mandatory.

Complete address (including postal code)


Cross sectoral project

Type of research



Fondamental and clinical

Stategic axis of the QRHN?


Major 1

Name of the major co-investigator

Institution of the co-investigator

Email of the co-investigator

Associated axis of the co-investigator

Complete address of the co-investigator

Name of the co-investigator 2

Associated axis of the co-investigator 2

Name of the co-investigator 3

Name of the co-investigator 4

Name of the co-investigator 5

Note: The 3 cross sectoral projects with the best rating after evaluation of the applications will be supported by the cross sectoral platform to improve the applications and will benefit from an additional amount.

Research project

 (body of the request):

Time new roman 12 single-spaced maximum 3 pages. References, figures and tables relevant to the request can be added after these pages.

Detailed justification of the budget (staff, consumables, products, animals, services, etc.). (1 page)

Potential leverage effect of the grant.

For an cross sectoral project, justify the approach, the potential benefits and the added value to the project. 

Lettre signée du chercheur principal décrivant son implication dans le réseau ainsi que la nature des collaborations dans le projet de recherche proposé.

Common Canadian CV

 of the major researcher and all co-investigators.

Ending date to submit is 

Friday November 11 2022, 11:59 pm.

The submission of your request is done in one step,

 you cannot save your application and come back to complete it later.

 Make sure you have all the required information before you begin.