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Sexual dimorphism and estrogen action in cystic fibrosis

A sex disparity has been observed in cystic fibrosis with girls having an earlier onset of lung disease at puberty, more frequent pulmonary exacerbations and shorter life span than men in adulthood (the so-called “CF gender gap”). Because of the complexity of CF multi-organ disease, no single straightforward mechanism can explain the sex differences found in cystic fibrosis. In this seminar I will discuss the evidence for sexual dimorphism in CF underpinned by estrogen actions on CFTR, ENaC and K channels, and estrogen regulation of airway surface liquid dynamics and Pseudomonas aeruginosa mucoidy. In the latter half of the seminar we will focus on the influence of estrogen on CF pulmonary clinical outcomes from in vitro to in vivo studies on how estrogen might modify airway mucociliary clearance, immunity and bacterial infection in the CF airways.


Oct 25 2022


4:00 PM - 5:00 PM


McGill, McIntyre Building, 3 rdFloor, Room 336


Cystic fibrosis Translational research center, McGill University

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